equipment repair

Keeping your equipment moving

Your business can't afford to have a machine down and we are geared to keep you running. Vick guarantees same day consultation and  scheduled repair. Our job is to ensure your equipment performs safely and reliably everyday.Vick provides on-site heavy equipment repair in North Carolina. Our trained and qualified technicians provide service for heavy construction, mining, industrial, and agricultural equipment. Big or small we fix them all!

We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what  maintenance problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem, we promise same day evaluation. And, if you bring us something new, our team would love to work with you to find the solution.

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No matter your machine we are scaled to fit what you need. Skid steers, loaders, articulated dump trucks, mining trucks, and log handlers we have what you need.

As a distributor of VEI loading systems  Vick Maintenance offers you state of the art solutions that will allow you to increase your productivity and profitability by:

    • Preventing over/under loading
    • Track production
    • Maintaining Inventory
    • Optimizing Load out

      Weighing Solutions to meet your needs

      TRACK-VISION by RMT presents the only backup camera system specifically designed for heavy equipment machinery! Easy to install and operate, you will improve your overall safety and count on a system that works everyday and in any condition.

      The RMT Track Vision Safety Camera provides you with many different options to suit all your camera needs, with up to 4 cameras, wireless, and recordable options available. The camera system helps to eliminate blind spots on heavy equipment that pose serious safety issues, thus preventing accidents or injuries. All adjustments are made directly from the monitor. The camera can be set to turn on automatically or can be left on at all times.

      A camera designed specifically to fit your equipment

      Equipment operators

      Operators for your every need

      Here at Vick  we offer a variety of vehicle operators to meet your needs. We are able to operate construction and power equipment such as: backhoes, man-lifts, haul trucks, motor graders, front-end loaders, hydraulic excavators,  skid steers, and much more.


                Tip Off Feature:

      All of our loader scales and bucket scales have a unique feature called Tip Off. Reaching the targeted weight can be difficult for a wheel loader operator, especially if the specific weight of the product changes with environment conditions.

      When only a partial bucket is needed to complete a load, the operator can shake off material from the bucket and actually see the numbers decrease on the screen. When the desired weight is reached he simply dumps the bucket in the truck and the load is complete.

      Let us

      keep your

      business going!!

      Reflective Striping

      Being seen on the job makes a difference

      No matter what size, type or style of equipment you own we custom fit

      your machine to be seen while maintaining a professional look. Our striping is the best in the industry, providing the greatest reflective viewing angle. At Vick's we can take your fleet above and beyond the current standards with our reflective striping. Our technicians take the time to measure every angle to make your fleet functional and stand out out amongst the crowd. We stock engineer grade reflective striping tape. This enclosed lens retro-reflective film has a 7 year durability and is available in 3 colors. This striping meets or exceeds Federal Standards ASTM-D-4956-99.

      • Nitrogen filled, 100% water tight
      • 115 degree viewing angle
      • Heated lens to prevent condensation
      • Vibration and shock tested
      • Wireless camera option
      • Radar eye option
      • EyeSolid Recorder for up 72 hours